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About Us

Company Japaneses Name: KOWA WORLD 株式会社

Company English Name: KOWA WORLD CO.,LTD.

Established:  October 2, 2019

Business:  Registration support organization

                  Employment introduction

Registration number: 19 登 - 003433

Paid job placement: 12-ユ-300773

Postal number: 275-0026


5 Yatsu, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture 4-7-102

Contact Number: 047-409-9633

FAX: 047-409-9634


Business partner banks:

Sumitomo Mitsui BankingCorporation, 
Keiyo Bank

 Our strength

① Holding regular information sessions


② Hold regular skill test measures


③ Hold regular JLPT test (N4 or more) measures

Support content:

①Providing advance guidance

②Pick-up and drop-off when entering and leaving Japan

③Support for securing housing

④Support for contracts necessary for daily life

 (Assistance in procedures related to lifelines such as bank accounts and mobile phones)

⑤Implementation of life orientation

⑥Providing opportunities to learn Japanese

  (Online classes will be held twice a week in partnership with a Japanese language school)

⑦Response to consultation or complaint

⑧Promotion of exchanges with Japanese people, support for learning Japanese culture

⑨Support for changing jobs when involuntary turnover

⑩Conduct regular interviews and report to government agencies


There are 2 Japanese schools, Therefore, In cooperation with school teachers, we are implementing proficiency tests and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) test preparations.

・Nikko Japanese Language School (Funabashi)

・Thin Japanese Institute (Sakura)

◎Rich experience in writing applications for international students, strong skills in writing documents.

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