Our Business

Specific skill registration support organization
Paid employment placement

For specific skill personnel, go to KOWA WORLD Co., Ltd.

An human resource and outsourcing business specialized in food processing, restaurant business and logistics.


With the mission of effectively utilizing global human resources in food processing, restaurant business and logistics, providing excellent human resources in a stable manner in times of shortage of human resources.


We will support the preparation of application documents for Specific Skill No. 1.


We will support the specific skill No. 1. (Application documents can be limited! Support can be limited!)

Rich experienced management team could provide the best human resources to the customers right on time.

Not only just selecting talented people, but also working closely with our customers in order to minimize the burden for our customers.

Satisfying Your needs of global human resource is our priority

The Example of introduction:

・Superage interpreter (Shinagawa)

・Department store rage interpreter (Shinjuku)

・Trading company affairs (Tsukiji)

・Factory office interpreter (Kawasaki)

・Factory trainee management interpreter (Funabashi) etc.